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Visa requirements:
1. Passport (valid for at least 6 months after receiving the visa, 2 blank pages and passport validity should be less than 10 years from the issue date till the submission date)
2. Two color photos, 5 x 5 cm in size, the photo must be recently taken.
3. Bank statement of the availability of funds on the balance sheet (on the basis of $ 100 / day)

5. Certificate of residence.

6. Copies of the marriage certificate, divorce, documents of the children and the spouse of Applicant

7. Certificate from the place of work with indication of the position, salary and employment history. The certificate must be executed on the company's official letterhead)

8. The travel health insurance  

9.  Confirmation of round trip air ticket booking

10. Passport copies with previously obtained visas and Israeli passport control stamps about entry and exit in case of passport exchange for a new one.

In addition to general requirements, there are special one, depending on the purpose of visiting the Israel

The period for consideration: 7-14 working days

Consular fee and registration services - 150 USD

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