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Kyrgyz- Ata National Park

Kyrgyz Ata National Park is located in 40 km from the city Osh, on the northern slope of the Alai Range. Its territory is located at medium altitudes. Juniper forests well preserved in the park. The park has an area of 11172 hectares. This park created to preserve the flora and fauna of the Pamir-Alai mountain system. The territory of the park is suitable for outdoor activities.

Alai Valley

Highland Alai Valley is located in the southernmost area of Kyrgyzstan. This tectonic depression bounded on the north and south by Alai and Trans-Alai ranges, respectively. It is located 2240-3536 meters above sea level; the average height is 3000 meters. The valley stretches 174 km from west to east. The width varies from three to 40 km. The area is 8400 sq.km. Despite its cold and dry climate, the valley is rich in succulent summer pastures. It is home to various wildlife, including partridges, snowcocks, foxes, Alai red marmots, bears and mountain goats.

Abshir-Ata Waterfall

The waterfall Abshyr Ata is located 70 km from the Osh city, in the valley Abshyr-Sai. The valley lies at the altitude of 1500-2500 meters above sea level. One has to walk about 3 km along the river and through the gorge to see this unique creation of nature. A powerful water flow breaks out from a hole on a steep cliff (1.5-2 meters in diameter) at a height of 12-15 meters. The low-mineralized waterfall water has healing properties.