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Acquaintance with the wild nature

About 4000 species of plants catalogued in Kyrgyzstan. Rare forests at an altitude of 2000-2500 m have various types of herbs and plants, including Tien-Shan firs, edelweiss.
The fauna represented by more than 500 species of animals (335 species of birds, 25 species of reptiles and 49 species of fish) and 3000 species of insects, most of them are rare and listed in the Red Book. There are herds of argali, Siberian deer and predatory brown bears in the cypress forests of the Tien Shan. In the mountain valleys, there are foxes, wolves, gophers, and small mammals such as jerboas and pikas (Ochotona), and mountain streams are rich in trout.

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Son-Kul is a large high-altitude lake, located in the southwestern part of the Naryn province, within a basin between the Son-Kul-Too and Moldo-Too mountain ridges, at an altitude of 3016 meters. It is a potential object of ecological tourism. There are virgin pastures and protected area around the lake. The nearest major built-up area is the Chaek village. It is the second largest lake, after Issyk-Kul, with a surface area of 278 sq.km; the fresh water volume is 2.4 km³, length is 29 km, width is 18 km and depth is 14 meters.

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Individual and group tours to Issyk-Kul Lake

Lake Issyk-Kul, which means “the hot lake” in Kyrgyz language, holds the title as one of the largest alpine lakes in the world and it is on the sixth place in the list of the deepest lakes. At an altitude of 1,609 meters above sea level. Two mountain chains of the Central Tien-Shan Range border the lake – in the north Kungei-Ala-Too and in the south Terskei-Ala-Too. The lake is drainless and about 80 small tributaries flow down into the lake from these peaks, carving gorges and canyons into the mountain flanks.

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Individual and group tours to Tien-Shan (Naryn)


Naryn is the regional administrative center of Naryn Region in central Kyrgyzstan. Its area is 40.5 sq meters, and its resident population was 34,800 in 2009. The city is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level at the foot of the ridge of the Naryn-Too, in a picturesque area on the banks of the same river. 180 kilometers to the south of Naryn there is the railway station Balykchy and the distance to the border point "Torugart" on the border with China is 186 kilometers.

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